The Road I Have TraveledThe road I have traveled the past 5 years earning income from home has definitely been one to grow from!

When you are in the midst of it you begin to wonder when your proverbial ship will come in?

It’s tough as you begin to doubt your abilities, your passion to make it happen.

I spent many hours upon hours building 2 online businesses 5 years ago to over Million dollar monthly incomes when both companies went out of business and so did the results of all my hard work.

My earning income from home disappeared overnight.

Earning Income from Home

I knew I then needed to learn how to market using the online tools and strategies so many gurus preached.

Believe me…when I tell you I tried to learn “How to be the guru”. I spent thousands upon thousands of my hard earned money buying marketing courses.

Results. An empty wallet. Sound familiar?
I am NOT a tech guy. In fact…I wrote this post and saved it to draft and what happened? Gone!

I have no clue what the $#%$$^$ happened to it! And all that time spent was wasted. I was kinda proud of what I wrote too, but couldn’t remember the theme or what I wrote, so here I sit writing this.:)

And believe me….at 60 years young, starting over, wondering how I can save my house, put food on the table….there is a pressure that affects your thinking….about your abilities, about who you are?

These past many months I have had to step way out of my comfort zone and hit the books. I have read many e-books on many subjects pertaining to marketing, including the subjects of, Earning Income from Home, Article marketing, PLR, e-book marketing, newsletters, and the list goes on. And, this crap does NOT come easy to a 60 year old…let me tell ya!

When the tunnel has no light at the end….to meet someone who hands you a flashlight….giving you hope when yesterday their wasn’t any…that is life changing!

If you can relate to any of the above, then I am handing you the flashlight.

Lets embark on a journey of success that leads to achieving your dreams of earning income from home!

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