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David Meade & GrandsonMy story begins way back when I had no clue what I wanted to do as a career. I married my beautiful wife, Susan 37 years ago and was blessed with two wonderful children, Lisa and David, Jr. At the time, I was working in the corporate world and hating every minute of it. I despised my alarm clock, the rush hour traffic, and all the hours it kept me away from my family and from doing what I enjoyed in life. I felt like the best years of my life were slipping away. I was a young, dumb kid with a dream that was burning deep within my soul. I wanted more! And so began my quest for a better way to provide for my family, without sacrificing the invaluable time with them. I began a journey of discovering that both financial and time freedom can be achieved simultaneously! But I have to admit, that journey was not without its difficulties! There were so many obstacles along the way. But with every obstacle, there was a lesson learned.

As a young man, my experiences with Amway taught me to dream big, and to believe in myself; to feed my mind through reading motivational books and by surrounding myself with positive people. I could see the potential of the network marketing business industry, but Amway just didn’t pan out, for many reasons. My wife and I then started a conventional business, which allowed me to quit my job at Westinghouse Corporation. It was great working for ourselves, growing our business together, but it, too, had its downside. An abundant amount of time, energy, and money is required to run a conventional business. So the search for my true calling continued. Since then, I have researched, dabbled in, and pursued many home based businesses, and with God’s grace, I’ve achieved great success in many. I have built downlines in the thousands and reached top levels in several companies.

My passion now, is to share the lessons learned from those experiences; to help others bypass those obstacles; to guide you to a better life! That’s why I am offering you a Free Membership and “The Best Damn Newsletter in 2015!” Your Membership includes Free e-books which can short-cut your road to Online Success! The Advanced Strategies Newsletter offers Tips and Training on every aspect of Online and Offline Marketing. Thank you for spending your valuable time getting to know a little about me. I hope in the near future I can also learn about you, your dreams, aspirations, and hopefully I can play a part in making them come true!

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